MEET THE TEAM: Rebecca-Ashlee Stephens

It’s our job at Viva La Visa to get to know our clients, so we can put them in the best possible place for success with their visa applications. We thought that maybe it’s time that you got to know us a little better.

Every now and again, we’re going to post a bit about each of our dedicated, brainy employees, starting with Becca.

Becca Team Profile image.jpg

Name: Rebecca-Ashlee Stephens - my colleagues call me; Becca, B or my Starbucks bestowed name: Beaker (I was renamed by a Barista).

Job Title: Visa Co-ordinator

How long have you been at Viva La Visa?

I've been at VLV since February 2016, and it has flown by! 

What do you love most about working for Viva La Visa?

I've been able to work alongside some of my favourite artists/bands, and not one day in the office is the same. I also have fantastic work colleagues!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel to?

I have a few places I'd really like to go, but at the top of my list is Australia/New Zealand. I love the beach, diving, surfing and wildlife. I'd also like to visit the Lord Of The Rings set in NZ. 

Who is your favourite band/artist?

Ohh, tough one! My playlists go from one extreme to the next, one minute it could be Spice Girls the next it's Five Finger Death Punch. But, my favourite band of all time though has to be Slipknot. 

What’s your favourite film?

I'm a big film buff, so this is quite hard. I'm going to say Beetlejuice; I love Tim Burton films. 

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

During my last year at University studying Art, I made a chandelier out of animal bones as part of my final piece.