We thought we’d come back to you all with some of the current viewpoints and and discussions surrounding the music industry. Here’s a few of them:

The musicians union said '“Staying in the EU is still the best option for musicians. We cannot support any Brexit Deal that limits freedom of movement for our members. That’s why we support revoking Article 50 or a People’s Vote in the first instance”.

The Arts Council of Wales discuss’s the potential implications of Brexit, this their stance:

“Artist mobility is the foundation of artistic and creative development. Whatever the future arrangements, any changes to immigration regulations must be negotiated in ways that allow reasonable and appropriate mobility of creative workers and avoid counter-productive barriers based exclusively on salary thresholds and quotas. “

“We welcome and support the research and recommendations carried out by the Creative Industries Federation in their Global Talent Report.11 We would like to see the introduction of visa free travel for creatives working between the UK and EU and we would welcome a review of the options around the permit free festivals model and intermediary bodies providing certificates of sponsorship…with a view to minimise the bureaucratic burden and enable the creative, artistic and commercial success of a key sector”.

ISM Music posted on Instagram with the following caption: “Music is everywhere. But it is at risk. We are calling for freedom of movement to be maintained for musicians after Brexit, or the introduction of a two-year working visa. The ISM report recommends new, cheap two-year visas and a departmental advice hotline for travelling musicians, as well as clearer regulations and a new health insurance scheme”.

It’s great that the industry is concerned about the implications of Brexit however everything is speculation at this point in time. It’s important to understand the status quo as well as the possible outcomes. It seems creatives and music professionals alike are conscious about the uncertain flexibility of travel having an impact on the music industry. Our dedicated team of visa consultants are here to help answer any questions and concerns!

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