Gig Etiquette - 10 ways to become the most hated person at a live event.

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With the music industry playing a central role in our company, it will come as no surprise that we love to let our hair down at the occasional gig. There’s no place we would rather be, than rubbing shoulders with fellow sweaty music lovers. But with every gig there’s always one a**hole who pushes to the front, blocks your view and leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth - you know who we mean.

Here are our top ten examples (that you will most likely have encountered yourself) of bad gig etiquette that makes our blood boil.


1.   Throwing your pint.

What do you do when the band you’re seeing start playing an absolute banger?

Do you:


a)    Start singing along and dancing?

b)    Scream, cheer and do that whistle thing with your fingers that looks so much easier than it is!?

c)    Go to the toilet?

d)    Get an uncontrollable urge to launch your pint across the room and cover people with beer?


We’ve all been there. The band you’re seeing starts playing ‘your song’ and as you start dancing and singing along YOU GET WET and the smell of cheap beer sets in.

If you are reading this, and you know deep down you’re a ‘d’ then may your future beers be flat and warm. You monster.


2.   Pushing to the front.

For any diehard fans out there, I’m sure you’ve experienced ‘The Pusher’.

Let us set the scene for you.

You arrive at the gig early (early enough that you probably waited outside for a few hours) so when those doors open, you can get right to the front. You can’t risk losing your prime position at the front, so a trip to the bar or toilet is out of the question – but it will all be so worth it.  

So, you stand through all the support acts that (let’s be honest) you don’t want to see while trying not to pee yourself. Until the devil himself rocks up with a full pint and an empty bladder and weasels his way in front of you as the headline act comes on.

Don’t be this person. If you want to watch from the front, get there first.



3.   Singing like you should be on stage.

There’s nothing wrong with singing along to your favourite song. However, when the people around you can no longer hear the music because it’s being drowned out by the sound of your voice – zip it.



4.   Moshing in inappropriate places.

There’s always a designated area for moshing – the mosh pit. You can dance the violent dance, bump and push into each other, get hot, sweaty and loud while letting off some steam. Mosh pits (and moshing) are great fun – but not if you don’t want to mosh.

Catching someone off guard by slamming into them out of nowhere while they’re trying to enjoy themselves at a gig, might have somewhat of an adverse reaction. 

You’ll have way more fun moshing with people who want to mosh, so find that hot, sweaty pit and make us proud.



5.   Groping. 

Copping a feel in the dark IS NEVER OKAY! You wouldn’t do it to someone in the street, so why do it at a gig?! Groping at concerts is a serious offence and falls within the bracket of sexual assault.

With more and more musicians speaking out about sexual assault during their gigs (Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, The Architects, Slaves) hopefully, more people will take sexual assault seriously.

If you see something that’s not right, speak up.


6.   Queuing.

Be it outside the venue, at the bar, in line for the toilet, at the merch table.

We love an orderly queue, but there’s always one person who skips the line and goes straight to the front. Probably the same person from earlier, who pushed in front of you when the gig was about to start.



7.   Sitting on each other’s shoulders.

Creating a GIANT person so no one else can see = the most hated people at a live event. Maybe the pint throwers and Mosher’s are aiming for these people?



8.   Recording Shows.

It’s nice to capture moments that you can show to your friends and family and remember for years to come. But is it necessary to record the whole concert? Have you not missed the point of a live gig?

We’ve all experienced that one person who has captured the majority of the show on their phone or, god forbid, their iPad. And you’ve been lucky enough to experience the whole show through their screen. Take a break and put your devices away people.



9.   Clapping out of time.

Like adorable seals in their element, loving life, but with no rhythm! It’s so off-putting.



10. Wearing Stilettos. 

Why anyone would wear stilettos to a gig is beyond us, but it happens. Do you know how we know? Because we’ve felt it. We realise that some people pay to get walked over by stiletto-wearing firecrackers, but most of us are just here for the music.

Be sure to wear proper footwear – for everyone’s sake.



Top tip: If you’re an aspiring Mosher or you’re just looking for an excellent place to watch the gig, then head towards the outside of a mosh pit. You’ve got loads of space to dance, a great view, and you can dip a toe in if you fancy a mosh. You can even give someone a shove if they get too close for comfort, without getting the stink eye.