5 Reasons We Love Our Jobs

It’s Valentine’s Day; an internationally recognised day for the ‘celebration of romance’. In the spirit of today we figured that it might be a cute idea to talk about why we love working at Viva La Visa so much! Here are 5 reasons why we love our jobs…


We get to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry!

As a company of music lovers, we are often fans of our clients. It’s great to know that we are playing a part in allowing our favourite artists to maximise the full potential of their careers.

This is a gift from Ed Sheeran’s dedicated team in 2017.


Our office is lovely!

It’s so bright with lots of windows, and as we are based in beautiful Suffolk surroundings, it’s so peaceful. We have spacious desks with a kitchenette, and lots of cupboards in which to store chocolate biscuits.

This is what our office looks like on a Winter morning.


Our clients are a pleasure to work with!

Communication is key in our line of work, and most our clients are generally very on-top-of-it when it comes to paperwork and timescales. We can’t express how much joy it brings us when a client is super organised! We also get wonderful gifts at Christmas time.

This is the epic box of chocolates we received from Ed Sheeran’s wonderful team!


We get to bring our dogs into the office!

Taking it in turns, one at a time, we are allowed to bring our well-behaved dogs into the office. It’s a positive experience for everyone as having a furry friend in here keeps our moods up and adds light relief to stressful times. Check out our TEAM page for more information.

This is a picture of Kerry’s Frenchie, Vinny, crashed out on the office floor.


We get on really well!

Unlike some office environments, we are a close-knit group that not only work well as a team, but are genuine friends too. Our work is very important to all of us, but when we’re not in the office we all have a great laugh!

We made time for some pumpkin carving at halloween: here’s Hannah (still taking calls of course) and Kerry mid-carve.