Viva La Visa | 17 Essential LGBTQ Anthems for Pride Month


June is upon us once again, which means Pride Month is here! And we've been celebrating by listening to some of our favourite gay anthems.

For those of you who don't know - we celebrate Pride Month throughout June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which happened in June 1969.

Whether you're out celebrating at Parades, Events, Drag Shows, Bars or you're just after some bangers to lip-sync along to (or belt out). We've got you covered because how can you celebrate Pride without music!?

If you're looking for some musical inspiration to ring in this year's Pride, then check out some of our favourite LGBTQ inspired songs below.

We've put together an array of tunes for you. From recent releases by the likes of Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko, blended in with some old classics like "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor (aka the bread and butter of Gay Anthems) for all of your Pride celebrations.


Elton John – Elton's Song

We're kicking off our playlist with ‘Elton's Song’. This intensely personal, honest and beautiful piano ballad was released when Elton was not yet public with his sexuality.  The song is about growing up gay which is portrayed in the music video (that was never shown on television) by a schoolboy pining over a male classmate.  

Unfortunately for Elton, it would be years before he tried anything this revealing again.


I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Throwback to the 1980s, this song was a hit with the LGBT community during the aids epidemic. The Gay Anthem resonated with many of the struggles of an LGBT individual at this time. The lyrics are momentous, and I don't know a soul who wouldn't head to the dance floor for this disco belter.


Queen – I Want to Break Free

Freddie Mercury is a timeless Gay Icon. He championed the LGBTQ community through music when it was so stigmatised to be anything other than heterosexual.

When he spoke to the New Musical Express in 1974, Freddie Mercury responded to a question about his sexuality with: "I'm as gay as a daffodil, my dear!".  

'I Want to Break Free' is an iconic gay anthem, celebrated with a legendary music video. The music video features all of Queen dressed in drag - the perfect way to accentuate this song's underlining gay message.


Cher – Believe

Cher, need we say anything? The woman is an absolute legend, not just within the LGBTQ community, but on a global scale.

John Maus – Rights for Gays

Ultra Naté – Free

"You've got to live your life – do what you want to do" some inspirational words from our #wcw every day of the week.


Diana Ross – I'm coming out

Did anyone else spend most of their childhood thinking Diana Ross was singing 'I'm coming up'? Well, despite what you may have previously thought. The song doesn't have anything to do with popping pills at drug-fuelled raves. It is, in fact, about coming out as an LGBT individual - which you probably already knew.  

Ever since this revelation, it is now apparent why this track is so influential - as well as being an absolute jam. The song celebrates being yourself and not being afraid to let people know who you are. It applies to the LGBTQ community, but also to anyone who has felt shy, embarrassed or self-conscious. 

Erasure – A little respect

This karaoke staple was written in the late 1980s by duo Andy Bell and Vince Clarke. Throughout their pop career, Bell and Clarke continued to inspire others by showing the world the romantic reality of their world as gay individuals. 

Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls

Troye Sivan – I'm so tired…

Troye is fast becoming an icon for many LGBT individuals. In a recent interview, he explained "That's why I politely don't want to take on that 'gay icon' thing. I'm one voice of so many that are missing, and so I'm just trying to tell my story."

Lady Gaga – Born this way

Lady Gaga gave the internet some food for thought with her inspirational speech at her show Enigma this June. "It's Pride Month, but in my mind, it's Pride all fucking year. Let's celebrate all sexual identities, every religion, every colour, every kind. Let's go! Celebrate your freedom!"


YMCA – Village People

ICONIC in every way. This Pride banger has been responsible for some killer dance moves over the years as well as some outstanding fancy dress and costume inspiration.

This song quickly became a gay anthem in 1978. The song celebrates the joys of staying at the YMCA, which was renowned for its reputation as a hookup spot for the younger gay population. 


Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

 Christina Aguilera is no stranger to the LGBTQ Community and has become quite the advocate throughout her career.

She helped us all embrace our inner beauty, strength and self-empowerment with her single 'Beautiful' which she dedicated to:

"Anyone who's been discriminated against or unaccepted, unappreciated or disrespected just because of who [they] are."

'Beautiful' really highlighted LGBTQ struggles and was quickly embraced as an anthem within the community. The powerful song was further amplified by the music video, which shows a gay couple kissing and a transgender person getting ready in the mirror.  

The single was released back in 2002. A time when seeing transgender people in mainstream popular culture was virtually non-existent and gay marriage was a long way off becoming legal. 

Excellent work Christina - you go Glenn Coco!


Cyndi Lauper – True Colours

It's pretty self-explanatory why this song became a standard in the gay community with song lyrics encouraging people to be who they are.

Years later, after her no.1 ballad 'True Colours', Cyndi Lauper founded the True Colors Fund. A non-profit that educated people on not only LGBTQ problems and issues but also helped the youths in LGBTQ communities who had found themselves homeless.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

Donna Summer had a volatile relationship with her gay fanbase, being what some would call an 'accidental icon'.

Donna never sought after the fandom. She created such iconic disco beats it wasn't just the LGBTQ community who adored her - it was a global affair.  

Her music was (and still is) rife within gay nightclubs and became branded with an unofficial logo of disco beats found in your local gay club at 2 am.  

In the 1980's Donna was accused of adverse comments about the gay community including "It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve". However, in 1989, a letter of apology was written by Summer to a prominent AIDS advocacy, which started to heal the wounds. Whether true or false, she is still to this day idolised as The Lady Of The Night.

Peaches - I U She

Kinky, catchy and repetitive.

Peaches went full monty with her 'I U She' lyrics.

It's not every day you get bondage playing a central role in pop music today.

"I don't have to make a choice, I like girls, I like boys

I, you, she together, come on, baby let's go

Whips, crops, canes, whatever, come on, baby let's go".


Tim Curry – Sweet Transvestite

 Sweet Transvestite originates from a 1973 British musical sensation, The Rocky Horror Show and later on its cult classic film counterpart The Rocky Horror Picture Show.   

The musical horror comedy to this day remains a queer cinematic milestone. The late-night screenings and theatre productions are still very popular and present the perfect occasion to wear your very best sexy black lingerie and dress up. You don't have to, but you will feel a bit left out if you don't!

The best part of this song is, of course, Tim Curry aka Dr Frank-N-Furter. An apparent mad scientist who is an alien transvestite who creates a living muscle man in his laboratory. Need I say more?