Whether you're a large touring party travelling throughout the world, or just a single applicant needing an artist visa or second passport - no job is too big, too small, or too complicated.

We take care of all visa/immigration related services. From advising you on which visa to apply for, to visa processing, petition preparation, or just applying for a second passport.

One of our most popular services involves assisting in the acquisition of US 'O' and 'P' work visas including preparation of petitions for submission to The USCIS. We can also assist with applications for other categories of US visa including B1/B2 visitor and business, L1 intracompany transfer and immigrant visas (green card).

We can assist with 2nd passport applications, and encourage busy, travelling touring personnel to consider applying.

As well as the US we routinely handle processing of visas to all the major touring destinations worldwide including Japan, China, Russia, South America and South Korea. There are few destinations that we haven't handled.

 We keep a special eye on the processes in emerging markets like China where the requirements change frequently.

We are now assisting with UK inbound visa applications, whether that be CoS issuance or completing your online visa applications

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